February 09, 2012

The “Red Phone” functionality in Lync

Some few people, usually executives, have in their office a normal desk phone and a “Red Phone”. The red phone has a number only Very Important People know about. What about this functionality in Lync? In Lync we have a option called “Private Line”. This is an additional telephone number you can assign to a person in Lync to facilitate an extra “Private” line. This private line by-passes all team delegates and rings directly to the person assigned with the private number.

How to enable the Private Line feature:

Set-CsUser -Identity "sip: sipuri " -PrivateLine tel:+telephone


To verify the assignment run :

Get-CsUser -identity "sip: sipuri" |Select-Object Displayname, lineuri, privateline


Close Lync and open it again. When a person calls you at your private line number you see a notification in the gold bar saying “Private call”


Additional you can change the ringtone for this number aswell in your Lync Client options:


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