October 20, 2011

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Operating System Deployment

That’s a lot of text for a product functionality title. From now on I call it OSD. ConfigMgr is a great tool for IT Professionals and IT helpdesk employees to do package distribution, Inventory Reports, patch management and etc.
But in many environments I see there is lack of knowledge and/or good working operating system deployment. I see a lot of sophisticated task sequences running all kind of scripts to make a operating system successfully installing, but also often after this kind of OSD we still need to update drivers or settings. Lets calculate this amount of time and money if you have to hire SCCM specialist and compare it with a helpdesk friendly solution for organizations who have to manage 3 –5 different images on yearly bases. In the next couple of posts I will explain and demonstrate how this task can be more easily executed without expert skills.
Steps and posts that we will cover:

Part 1. Build a reference machine and sysprep it.
Part 2. Create a image from the reference machine.
Part 3. Import image in SCCM and create a task sequence.

In the above posts we take in consideration that infrastructure has been set up correctly, including PXE point for OSD and packages/programs are able to run whether or not a user is logged in. I hope with these posts I can help IT Professionals to benefit the OSD functionality without being ConfigMgr Specialist!

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