October 24, 2011

ConfigMgr Part 2. Create a image from the reference machine

Welcome back at part II of our OSD journey. In “Part 1. Build a reference machine and sysprep it” we explained how to prep the reference machine and now we are going to make a image of it. Before I started I created a bootable USB Win7 x86 Setup and copied imagex to it. You can download imagex from HERE.
Extract the download and just copy the folder to the USB root drive of the bootimage you created.
Further I needed a USB drive were I can copy my image on during capturing of my machine.
With all this prepared lets start create a image from our machine!
So boot the machine up from the USB drive and connect the USB disk were the image will be stored on. Remember your boot might fail if you have insert both USB devices at the same time. So pug the second drive after booting from the disk:

Select language and keyboard settings and press next:
In this screen we don’t select Install but “repair your computer”
In the following screen we choose next:
It will search for problems and might say it repaired something and need a restart or a message saying cannot repair the computer. In both situations we need to choose “View advanced options for system recovery and support”
And we select Command Prompt:
Until here you can use any PE boot CD or Custom made PE Environment you like.
Now that we have imagex on our boot usb and we have the storage USB disk attached we need to find out what drive is which drive letter. to do this in the most simplest way is to open notepad from the command line:
Press CTRL + O to open a file and change the extension .txt to all files. Then go to my computer.
You see in my situation the D drive is the drive I want to capture:
Now we know what is the drive we want to capture and we know what the drive is we need to image to lets run the imagex.exe command :
imagex.exe /capture <osdrive> <destination> “[Imagename]”
example: imagex.exe /capture D: G:\images\test.wim “Dell Win7 Sysprep”
Now it is capturing the machine and we have opportunity to get a cup of coffee:
Once it reaches 100% and is saying finished we are done with capturing the image. Close the command prompt and shutdown the PC.
In the next post I am going to explain how to import the image we created and create a task sequence for it.

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